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  CISCO Futures is the creator and sole source of the Overlay Demand CurveTM, the Tick‑TPO Meta‑ProfileTM, the Market UnitTM, the Trader ControlTM database,  Auction Market Value Theory©,  Value AnalyticsTM, the Tick Status TableTM, and the Day Trading EngineTM .

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SC2: New Short Course; Theory, Practice, Lab      

Value Trading: Overview and Qualifications for Short Course

The goal of this article is to give you a guide to Value Based Trading. By value, we simply mean...(go to)

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Information for Beginners

Potential auction market traders come from all walks of life. Some are 'numeric' people like engineers...(go to)

New Improved Visual Graphics Display

The CISCO Visual Graphic is a pictorial of a particular future's behavior based on the last 5, 10 and 20 days...(go to)

What is CISCO?

CISCO plays a dual role in trader's lives. First, we are a research organization with more FREE educational material than is found anywhere else. We are a research institute, openly sharing our findings. We also offer inexpensive educational courses for traders.

Secondly, we are a sophisticated data source for active traders. Our research tells us that following value and value change offers the best path for trader success. We create the necessary trading data, both intra-day and end-of-day.
We have actively participated in the revolution that has taken market analysis from technical indicators (price based) to value based trading.  Value is the fundamental variable in market understanding and trading.  Value analysis began in 1985 with the Market Profile studies of Peter Steidlmayer. We developed Auction Market Theory in 2002, putting auction analysis on a firm theoretical footing.
Auction Market Theory

CISCO is the premier source of current and historical auction market data. These are the data used in finding value. ...(read more)

Market Profile/Meta-Profile:  gives previous day and current day value and market behavior. (CMaPS)
Market Profile/Meta-Profile Background

Overlay Demand Curve:  shows market condition (balancing, trending or other). (Visual Graphics)
Overlay Demand Curve Background

Advice Engine:  EOD list of all markets in balance.
Background for Advice Engine

Value Analytics:  3-day Overlays and Reference Points.
Background for Value Analytics

Ticks and daily summary data are also included in our data warehouse.
Tick Data Background
Daily Data Background

All data items in this menu have an associated example, a Sample, and a Background report explaining that item. This information gets you started.

History Data
Research requires data. CISCO carries historical data on daily prices, tick data, Liquidity Data reports, BuySell reports, Market Profiles, Meta-Profiles, Trader Control Package data and Visual Graphics from the TCP.
Tables of available contracts are listed in Available Deliveries
Pricing is found in Product Catalog

Trading Information
CISCO has melded auction market data into several powerful trading tools.  Trader Control Package finds market condition, CMaPS works with intra-day data to identify value, value change and congestion. Advice Engine and Decision Table survey the entire market for possible trades on the current day. ...(read more)

The Trader Control Package combines Overlay Demand Curves, Meta-Profiles and Liquidity Data into daily market reports of value for all futures. Value and value change provide market condition, the framework within which all trading takes place. Visual Graphics is a compact, efficient depiction of the Trader Control data. In the day timeframe, the CMaPS intra-day Meta-Profile provides intra-day trading information on current value, on market direction and on rate of change of value. Advice Engine and Decision Table rank prospective trades according to their potential.
Swing Trader Package(TCP) Page
Explanation of Visual Graphic
CMaPS Meta-Profile
Decision Table Intro
Advice Engine Background

Longer Term Averages
Often a trading decision hinges on an extended view of the market's condition. e.g. What is the volume average over the past several weeks? How does the recent volatility compare with a longer term average? Questions of these sorts can be answered. Tables of a number of market variables for up to 90 days back are in the Free Stuff section.
Free Tables of Averages

Training Courses
Our current training course, SC2, serves the needs of both the short timeframe (day) trader and the longer term swing trader. ...(read more)
Today's markets are bigger and faster than ever before; so the emphasis is on entry and exit.

Entry uses the 'foolproof' Value-Change method for timing. Exit is based on profit criteria and/or short time frame market timing and/or value change.

This is an intensive 8 month course with much trading practice.

Introduction to Short Course, SC2.

Auction Market Theory.

CISCO is responsible for many advances in auction market understanding over the past 20+ years.  Most of our research is incorporated into the CISCO training courses and trading information. ...(read more)

A short list of research results includes:
   Meta-Profiles and value areas from tick data,
   Volatility from Meta-Profiles,
   Trade Facilitation Factor from Meta-Profiles,
   A mathematical method for finding commercial trader capping,
   The Overlay Demand Curve,
   The Rotation Index and Rotation Profile,
   The Theory of Auction Markets.


General Information on Auction Markets
CISCO's website is a valuable resource for those who wish to learn about auction markets on their own. You can learn the foundations of the trading profession on our site, free of cost. ...(read more)

The section 'Background Reading' explains the data, trading techniques and many other important aspects of futures trading. Our book 'Value Based Power Trading' is free on our website, also. 
Auction Market Theory
Day Trading Support and Resistance
Trading as a Career
Trading Model Development
Volatility and Stops for the DayTrader
Congestion Measurement for Exits

CISCO's Responsibility

CISCO aims to provide the best, most current, most advanced information available to the trader.  We have a partnership with our customers: we help them become more successful traders; they keep buying our products.  It is working so far.

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